Happy Island

Happy Island Game

The happy island game had been conceived as the background of a peaceful island and your task is to collect as many rewards as possible. In this case, strawberry’s. Before the game play begins, you will be able to tailor how your character looks. You can play as a boy or a girl, with long hair or no hair.

In this online game, you will need to use the cursors to move your character around. The can jump over the floating landmasses, over rainbows and over the sea. The more distance you cover, the more likely you are to earn higher points. But, you have to be careful as if you can’t make the distance by jumping, you would get drowned in the sea.

This is an easy to play online game. While playing the happy island game, you require using the space bar to jump and the directional key would give direction to the movements. The game is available at the website of Twix Game and you can play it for free.

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