Longcat Journey

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Longcat Journey

Longcat Journey is a fun online game. It is simple to play, has a catchy music tune and most of all is good fun to play, for all age groups. The longcat journey Html5 and mobile online game is free to play online at Twix Game. In this game you are a long cat. You control if he flops down on the floor, stretches up, stretches left or to the right. You mission is to complete the course, to the exit ladder. The game has a feeling of the iconic retro classic game snake. Many hours where spent playing snake on my old Nokia mobile phone, happy days indeed.Longcat journey is a more sophisticated game than snake, but it is still a very enjoyable and simple online game. In the free online game you will eat fish to grow even longer, navigate over obstacles and ultimately avoid falling into the water – a cat’s ultimate nightmare!Chase the fishy rewards through a cartoon world of platform obstacles, growing with every bite, in the cutest and weirdest cat game on the web.Click now to play longcat journey. 

Longcat Journey Game Screenshots:

The floppy long cat:Doesn't this remind you of the classic iconic mobile phone game snake?

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