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This game is for lovers of the classic snake mobile phone game. The game is snake with a multiplayer game twist. In you will take control of, yep, you guessed it, a snake. You will play against other players in this multiplayer game realm, where your job is to control the snake, to feed it and let it grow.The more food your snake can eat, the stronger your snake will become. However, it isn’t quite that easy. To crank up the challenge and to offer some fun gameplay, there will be obstacles, bacteria and viruses to escape from. That’s not to mention, the snake’s controlled by other players from around the world. Don’t let the snake touch the walls, its own tail, or bump into another stronger snake, in this multiplayer online is a fun online game, which is easy to pick up, suitable for many ages, and has a social element where you will compete against other players from around the world. Are you ready for the fun challenge?Play this Html5 and Mobile game,, at Twix Game. Click now to play

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